Playing in the water

Date: 7/8/2019

By MasterLucid

I was with sefias family and we went swimming in a clean big lake we went to swim the place that was not that steep and I got a paddle and it made me very fast in water because I had bad logic after we got out and were deciding weather to go to the steep side someone who was a male decided for us to go so i went with the family and swam around then went back and to land and then I saw human combined with Pokémon it wasn’t creepy because the mix worked well together I was being chased by I believe a Syther or a Pokémon with long claws it tried to slash me but I did a cool backflip dodging it people around were amazed but the Syther mixed human got hurt so I picked it up and went to sefias place and this is what I remember faintly ... I brought the Syther to somewhere that would instantly heal it but it was a different place actually so I rushed their it looked like it was in a bad condition but as soon as I followed the trail the Syther infused human got healed that’s all I remember.