Weird bathing suit and plumbing

Date: 5/23/2017

By EternallyAngela

Very discombobulated but here it goes. I'm getting dressed to go to the marina for an event. I'm wearing a red bikini top and big, white, high-waisted bottoms. I'm pulling the drawstring on each side to try and make them smaller and more attractive. It doesn't seem to be working but it's the only suit I have so, I just deal with it. Next scene: I'm walking around the marina. Everyone from my town is there. All the women I know are sneering and hating on me. They can tell I've lost a lot of weight. They can't stand me. Next scene: I'm walking down the sidewalk and I see my husband. He's with a couple of girls I know. He says I need to go do the plumbing in another house we have. I said I needed help but he tells me that's my punishment for letting him borrow my tools and telling him mine were better than his. I stomp away from him, angry. Last scene: I'm at my house, gathering tubes and plumbing stuff. My husband walks in and says something like "see, that's what you get." I say, "How do I deserve punishment for letting you borrow better tools?" He laughs and walks away.