That was unfortunate

Date: 8/15/2017

By vileplume

im in a medium sized studio/apartment/condo looking area with my mom, brother, a girl who i sometimes see when i bus home from school, and a few other people. i try to talk to the girl but she seems annoyed and doesnt want to talk so i leave her alone. i go to the kitchen where my mom hands me those small magnetic balls to play with. i then go to the area next to the kitchen which has some little beds and i move over to the one i proclaimed as mine and someone else tried to tell me that it was theirs. i turn around and some other girl hands me a camera. we are now both facing a small part of the room which is blocked by translucent curtains. through the curtains we can see the silhouettes of the girl who i see on the bus and another girl from my music class sitting on the side of a bed. the music girl looks sad and is leaning forward. the bus girl looks like she is consoling the other girl but out of nowhere pulls out a gun and shoots her in the head. she then walks out through the curtains, still looking annoyed, and sees us. me and the other girl pretended not to see anything