Date: 2/27/2017

By brenn_catt

My sister and I were home alone when my sister got some sort of notification on her phone that someone was taking pictures of her, so her and I realized there were stalkers watching us. We wen into a room in our house where it was like 2 rooms combined. We locked both doors and hid in the closet. We both tried calling 911, but they never came. This room we were in looked out to our yard that had a trampoline and a small barn looking thing. I went to look out the window to see if I could see anyone... I looked over directly at the trampoline and made eye contact with a man with curly dirty blond hair who held a sniper rifle with a scope. I then looked behind him and realized he had a friend who was hiding in the small barn. I don't remember how it ended, but it was scary.