My weird as f@#$ condition and my proficiency as a Force wielder

Date: 2/27/2017

By jmprodanov-97

My dad and sis were talking about something, but I couldn't hear them right away. Their voices were muffled... It seemed that they somehow druged me, so as not to suffer or something like that. However, the effects wore off and I woke up. They were surprised, and I was in pain. My throat and neck were swollen. I almost couldn't breathe, and my ears were pointy, elf-like. They told me I was ill, gravely. I was taken aghast by the fact that they druged me but by them, it was solely out of mercy. Was I going to die? What the hell was going on. Later on, my mind was fogged and I can't remember most of the dream. My consciousness returned when my aunt was paying us a visit. Then my dad and sis told me I wasn't the one ill, but my older sister was. Then I felt sorry for her (my neck, throat and ears went back to normal) Then... I was holding a lightsaber (Darth Maul's upper half) and I could use the force with ease -which I used to summon my lightsaber every time I threw it up in the air-. This part of the dream was cool to be honest. And (fun fact) the blade also exerts a weight on the hilt. Which is quite interesting to find out in a dream. ______________________________________________