test subject

Date: 2/17/2017

By autumn4565

Someone asked me if I wanted to model for them I said yes they said my mom could too we went to the place it was an easy job we liked it when it was time to close mr radovic locked us in the room we weren't allowed to leave we were becoming test subjects at a laboratory they said I could bring someone I loved I said gage he never came my phone stopped working they took me to the children area I somehow escaped home a new family was at our house they said they knew about what was going on there then the people came and got me I was in a video game shooting up the place then It stopped and things were real the girls in charge of me took me on an elevator we went to the kid lounge it was the same one from another dream I had I freaked out Mack came to save me Shane Dawson was there I snuck out and ran away I ran very far to the place from my other dream with the wooded path that leads to a park with an open field and trees and a huge fence and mountains you jump over I went to a mall kind of thing it had a McDonald's this girl tried to fight me but her friends fought her someone had a warrant for me saying I escaped to commit suicide I freaked out saying this dream is too much and woke up it felt like aliens