predator and prey

Date: 2/10/2017

By popcorngoo

I don't know why I was being hunted. But I was. I wasn't the only one. There were others. I tried to see if we could work together. Become a big group that could overpower the group that was killing us. But most people were out for themselves and did not see the bigger picture....until it was too late. And by that point our group together was too small. They had guns. Some of them at least. Guns were an expensive, rare commodity. I remember sneaking around every corner praying for my life that one of them wasn't on the other side. I don't know why they were killing us. But they smiled when they did it. They took great pleasure in it. Like it was a game of tag and they were it. Eventually it got down to a handful of us left, but on the way of us trying to escape this place, which was partly a facility and partly an open landscape, we took some of them out too. I saw the opening to the exit. It was a big risk. The exit was heavily guarded by 6 men. And I would have to make a very long run to it. If they had guns then I would be shot down before making it even halfway. So we systematically started picking them off a little. Throw a rock to get one of their attentions and then grab one until he couldn't breathe and passed out. We were all spread out, and hidden behind trees, walls, pillars, boulders, etc. Eventually I think there were 3 or 4 left. And I had gotten a hold of a screwdriver of one of the dead killers. One of my people got cocky and made a run for the exit. I tried to stop them but it was too late. They ended up getting killed by a knife, but I used the distraction to rush out too and stab one with my screwdriver. I saw the rest remaining didn't even have a gun. They ended up killing two more of my people as they came out, thinking this was the new plan now, to run out. It gave me the cover I needed to kill one more. With two of them left, and one of me they both smiled, thinking I was going to be killed next. They slowly walked up and with great force I plunged my screwdriver as far into the first one as I could, and stabbed the second one too, since he was walking behind the first one. Two in one stab. They were all dead. And instead of frantically running for the exit as I should have. I looked around me, and saw all the bodies., of some I killed, and some comrades who died.