The good news

Date: 8/1/2017

By p3dro_M

I was thinking about that everybody hates chris show and how he was talking about he loves to sleep in on a Saturday morning so while he was sleeping his sister and his mom was at the laundry mat and the picked up a magazine book which title said there was good news but I don't think it was talking about this page and in this other page it was talking about something that happened to 24 kids who recently graduated, idk what but something happend but the book beginning quotes were " in the cook room" Also I saw an imagine of that there was a man with a knife in a room that was probably in the early morning in the living room I was at a school and we were playing dodge ball I was the last one left and then den when I tried to dodge by rolling I got hit also my beats were the music to the dodgeball tournament I keep on dreaming about that house and it has two empty rooms in the middle floor and I am downstairs telling them to go upstairs as there is more space, it's always the same house