I fucking needed a bathroom man

Date: 8/1/2017

By KilgoreTrout

It started off at my high school. I walked into my English teacher's (Mrs. Stansell's) class. It was also halloween apparently so she gave me two big square caramel pretzel things. I think I sat down in a desk. Then I was in a hospital bed laying on my back. I had some shorts and a pink housecoat type thing on me and it wasn't tied closed. On my chest there was a thing (supposed to be a heart monitor in the dream) that looked like a silver TI-84 Graphing Calculator with its cover on. I pulled at the side of it to see how it was on me, but it was practically glued onto my skin. Under the housecoat thing I wasn't wearing a shirt, but I didn't have boobs or anything, just two wide straps going around my stomach and chest. I told the doctors in the room with me (which was very small, by the way) that I had to go to the bathroom. They unhooked me and told me where one was. I still had the chest thing on me when I left. I went where they told me, but I didn't see a bathroom, so I kept walking until I found an escalator, and I went down it into what looked like a parking deck. I just kept walking until I came to a door and I went inside. Inside for some reason I knew that I was Stacey Joiner's house though in real life i've never been in there before. I also knew in my dream that Stacey was really scared and paranoid in her house, so I was going to try not to frighten her and use her bathroom. I heard someone shuffling around in the next room from where I was, and I called out "Mrs. Stacey?" And I walked in to find my uncle Steve fiddling with a card. I asked him what he was doing here. He said "fixing THIS" and showed me that the card flaps had gotten stuck together and it was tearing the words off of one side. I left the house, and I appeared outside on the sidewalk where the school is on the right side of the fork in the road. Anna Grace walked up to me saying something, and I just started crying because I had to use the bathroom and I couldn't find one. She was comforting me and told me that she'd help me find a bathroom. Then I woke up.