Pooping in my seat

Date: 3/31/2019

By bdenson

I dreamt that I was coming out of this meeting of some kind with a lot of ppl going through this narrow opening and as I am leaving this lady to my left up a couple of steps in another section invited me to a ladies meeting next Sat . She gave me the date but I don’t remember what it was . I said sure and gave her a hug. Next I’m in this place big meeting place and I think my mom and sisters were there also. I’m sitting in this chair and I start pooping in this seat . I see there are bags up under the chairs to catch it and it was just coming out of me . I thought huh ok where’s some paper . I don’t think anyone around me knew what was going on . I sat there thinking as soon as this is over I will go find a bathroom to get cleaned up . So the service was starting to come to a close and ppl were leaving . I did find some paper but needed more . I get up and it didn’t get on my cloths or anything but I believe it went in the bag. I got the bag and was going to throw it away and asked this one girl do you know where the bathroom is? She says no, so I asked another girl and she says yes I will show you . As we are walking out I yell at my mom “mom ! Get us a place to meet up , I’ve got to go to the bathroom “. Woke up ...