fucking my teacher & going to berlin

Date: 8/16/2017

By lesbolivia

i was, for some reason, selling sex to teachers and had made a deal with my history prof (whos like, 60) that id fuck him even though im a virgin and a lesbian and ive never even been kissed and so i had to hide in the teachers lounge waiting for him and had to come up with excuses everytime another teacher came in . and everytime i successfully did that some sort of persona 5-esque percentage meter would increase like congrats youve fooled 22.8% of all teachers he took too long though so i went home with my friends then history class was randomly going to berlin. with a bus. im swedish so its Plausible and takes like half a day but anyways i hadnt packed SHIT apart from a book i was holding. on the bus i had to go into a lower compartment away from my classmates to play with some kids??? and i prayed i wouldnt have to stay w/ em at the hotel i remember worrying about having to buy makeup and clothes and shit then i was at the neue museum with my mom and sister and for some fucking reason i was there in underwear. my mom said that was completely fine?? but i stole her scarf and used it as a blanket whilst looking around for clothes. i found a dress of mine somewhere but it was too small?? i still put it on though. and dassit