In Trouble With a Vampire

Date: 6/12/2017

By itsliz

I'm in math class with Miss D.May. We're going on break and I decide I want to go outside. It somehow leads to me going to a crypt where I go inside to someone's tomb and checkout the names. I pay no mind to the names, looking without seeing. I go and leave but on my way I'm stopped by some friends. They explain they wanna make a stop somewhere and so I decide it won't be more than a few minutes so I tag along. We head to an ampitheater and it reminds me of a romantic open theater. I take a seat and I'm surrounded by people at this large party that is apparently being thrown and my friends sit next to me and convince me to skip class. Just this one, so I go along with it because this is cool. Scene change to sitting on the edge of the actual stage, friends are talking to each other and kind of ignoring me as I enjoy everything. Before I know it, I know there's guys hanging out behind us, Tyler comes up -- tall lanky guy who was white trash and I didn't like him because he seemed mean. He told me that Ryan Reynolds likes me but didn't have the courage to tell me and he wants a response. I glance back to see Ryan looking at us and I turn back and think and tell him to meet me at the back of the school with no plans of going or at least have someone else go. I wait a bit as Tyler leaves and I wait until I know the guys are gone and send a friend in my stead to let me know if he shows up.but I'm going back to the school. I go back with my friends but we got caught. Miss D.May. is there and we're in huge trouble as the principal comes out and Miss D.May. asks, "Did you skip class?" I have the intention of telling the truth and it seems so did my friends and they did before me so she didn't need to hear my answer as I started to think of lying. The principal tells us this is only to happen 1 time and she had to write us up. We're heading back inside but I turn around and try to remember what happened so apparently something like a computer screen shows up warning me that it sees I want to gain access ousidr and I've been denied and it warned the office. I hope since it's so soon they think it's a mistake and I go back to class but when I go inside, it's only me and the friends that skipped and somehow I know that Miss D.May. is a vampire and everyone is dead. Everyone that remains is already sitting down and looks to me. Miss D.May. has her usual short hair but it's black with some red streaks tossed to the side more than usual. She sits at the front of this somewhat small classroom with small desks and chairs you'd find in an elementary school class with off-white walls, windows to the right, and a gray-blue carpet with a chalkboard at the front of the class. I take a seat and sit in the seat closest to her, and pull up a chair. I start going into a rabble about how she doesn't have to do this. "Look, this must not have been long so you still have some humanity left because you were so COMPASSIONATE when you were principal." Something like that is what I say. The rest of what I say doesn't work and she still wants to feed. I ask, "It'll probably hurt so can you get it through my leg or something?" She says yes and I'm going to go first as if that'd give the others time to figure an escape plan but someone else does instead. He has a black mullet and Jean vest. He might have wanted to give me a chance and everyone else, and then I wake up.