Date: 8/4/2017

By laurenl98

So this dream definitely wasn't happening in America or it wasn't in any place in America that I could recognize but when I went to the bathroom it reminded me a little bit of the bathroom we had in morocco. Anyway. The bathroom in the home we were at was downstairs from the main living area and I had to basically live down there in a transitionary basement bathroom because I had the worst, most terrible diarrhea. It was literally liquid brown coming out of my butt like water and I couldn't control it. Well I was also wearing that one big white sundress I own and every time I had to poop water out of my butt I hiked the big dress all the way up out of the way of my stream of poop. It wasn't so bad and the dress hardly got dirty until the very last time I went to go poop. Anyway there were times when I tried to leave the house and go out because I still wanted to live my life but every time I would get out I landed myself in this big expansive garden like a park almost like a public park but I was the only person there and it was misty as though it were the early morning and the sun wasn't out. It looked like a place in London. Maybe I'm guessing London because of the empty knight in shining armor guard metal setups that I walked past that surrounded the big lawn that made up the whole park but idk. And so in that park or around the edges of it there was something sinister going on like a plot against my life or something or a plot against the queens life. To be honest I don't remember what the evil plan was. But I just remember there were shady figure people who I was trying to crack the case of and I wanted to solve the problem. EXCEPT I still had that terrible diarrhea and it kept ruining every attempt I made at trying to crack the case. The last time I went the water just spread to my side as though I had my butthole on my right hip. I was sitting on the toilet correctly but my poop water just flowed out onto everything around me. As I type this out I realize how Freudian this dream really is. I guess I had a nightmare about the anal stage of subconsciousness maybe because I haven't had my period in 4-5 months. Hmmmmmmmmm