Date: 5/17/2017

By eha

Me, Troye Sivan and Jacob bixenman and a couple other people went swimming in a flooded version of the parking lit outside save a lot where the road was water and after we swam for a little while, we went over to the corner farthest from the entrance because there were buildings over there too and a line of computers and Troye hosted this trip to record a video for his channel and he started working on that and I walked over and he was joking like "does this hand know how to edit" and picked up my hand and I was jokingly like idk but it can do this and wrap it in his and we laughed and then he just left it there while he kept working then Jacob asked him something so our hands separated and he went over to another computer in the row and suddenly one row became a work space and everyone was in office work clothes but behind the very short wall behind the computers was a skeeball lane and I went to shoot but I had to be careful and not let the boss catch us skeeballing and he came over while I was crawling down the lane to get the ball so I had to lie down flat to avoid being caught and I did get caught so everyone along that line of computers got fired, then it was winter and water was frozen over and we were at the entrance and Anton Ego was on the sidewalk shopping and he scowled at me when I ran by to buy something, and then we had to go to the middle school to get something and I was the one that had to go since the others were famous so I did and I got through the people filled hallway and into the library and got the thing behind the computers and came back out to give it to Troye and then I woke up