Slytherin Pajamas, Bed, Lovers and Pets

Date: 7/19/2017

By Fitful

I don't recall much of this first one. But it left an impression. I remember having a lover, a huge presence dark and amorphous and I was amorphous. This lover spoke of killing me or protecting me and neither seemed bad, I fact they seemed like the same thing. He, because despite the lack of form there was a distinct masculine aura, would let me take form and run along the beach but only so I wouldnt feel so caged. He actually created the beach for me to run along and it wasn't very realistic. In fact I think we weren't even alive most of the time. ~ I was in my bed, had been in it a while. It was more like a house, with odds and ends all around it. Think which represented me perfectly. I even had positive life mottos as stickers stuck to the metal slats. Have courage and be kind and other stuff like that. The bed was very me. I wore my favorite pajamas (Slytherin ones) and I had a new lover in my bed with me. She didn't mind a lot of stuff I found negative. In fact she seemed to revel I the negative things and stayed with me in the bed a while. ~ I had a snake, my snake Seda whom I gave away years ago. In the dream she was still my current pet. I was really concerned with feeding her. I hadn't fed her in three months because I wasn't sure if I should, being vegan and all. But i finally was forced to open the Slytherin common rooms, apparently I had a key and it was my job to open them for the students just arrived. I let them all in to shower and I found an office full of mice. Some of them were baby mice, as in they lay on the ground barely formed. A bit of water made them stick to the surface and they couldn't move. I figured I would feed Seda, since she had o lying eaten fruit for the the past three months. She must be starving. I asked my lover if it was okay, my lover who had been in my familiar and personalized bed. She assured me it was and I believed her because I wanted to. I was worried about my snake starving. I put the mouse on a napkin, and put it in hamster cage with my Guinea Pig, suddenly I got very confused thinking the Guinea Pig was a snake. And the Guinea Pig, who was also my pet from childhood, ate it. But then got very sick. I called a doctor but they injected too much of something, a triple dose, and it died. I think the doctor injected antifreeze. I was very upset after my pet died and I vowed to give away my snake, to prevent it happen again. I wasn't the right owner for Seda. ~ I was sick, and got out of my sick bed to do the laundry. The sickness came on really fast, and I had a bright red nose my hair in pigtails. And also my favorite pajama pants on. My ears looked super big, and my neck longer but the effect was cute, even attractive. I was pretty. I had to wash my bedding. I dont know why I but I took my white blanket outside. There was a marathon, or rather gay men were having a fashion show? These two men had created a fad which all the men were doing, walking down the street in certain clothes. I dropped my blanket on the ground an dot got covered in twigs and I had to take it back inside and try and clean it off before I put it in the washer. Some guy complained about the gay guys the whole time I did this, he didn't like gay guys much. I think my lover was taking care of me while I was sick but I can't remember.