Youth conference?

Date: 3/20/2017

By tiptipkitten

I don't remember much so I'll just start with me walking down a huge and kinda dark hall. I was lost and was searching for my friends when I walked in the people I babysits house (I was still in the other building it was more like the house was an apartment) I walked in to find about three large beds and a beanbag. Even though it didn't look like the actual house I still thought it did in the dream. There were two beds on a platform type thing on one corner that had a person in each one. Then one of of them popped up. I couldn't see a hole lot in the dark but I could tell know they were both guys. The one on the right said "just pick a bed" then he fell asleep. I walked outside and saw my friend. She greeted me with a happy hello and I jokingly saluted back. This is another part where it gets fuzzy I think we went around searching for something for a while then we went back to the house/apartment thing and I saw the person I babysit for standing outside of it with the two kids. We say hello to each other then she asks me if I can put them to sleep for her. She went on to explain how she let our church borrow the house for the youth rally. I nodded then when in the house with the kids I babysit (Noah and Gabe) and my friend (Bailey). I looked at the two beds in the corner and for some reason I thought that those were Noah and Gabe's beds. Hearing the noise one of the guys in the beds woke up "what's wrong?" He asked. I responded bluntly "those were the kids bed" he started to get up so they could have the beds but I told him that I'd use the beds other there. I turned around to where I pointed and saw that there was a new crib and an extra bed. I didn't find it weird so I put Gabe in the crib and Noah in the bed. Then I got a call from some in the real world and I woke up