Chased by a masked man for what seemed like hours (look up metal bands SLIPKNOT and Mushroomhead, take a peek at their masks, this is what I mean by masked man)

Date: 3/30/2017

By SoCheezy

I remember I was in my childhood home, when you first enter the house, you immediately enter my living room, off to the right was a dining area/entrance to the kitchen, farther right. Off to the left of the home is the hallway that leads to three other bedrooms and a bathroom. Another left from the hallway takes you to my mothers room. In this dream I was in my moms room, I didn't have a specific agenda, but I remember walking out of the room as I turned the corner to the living room, there was a masked man sitting at our dining room table, he moved so fluidly yet very slow. I panicked as I drew near him unsure of what the hell was going on. As soon I grasped that this person had bad intentions and wanted to hurt me, I turned away and ran back to my moms room. My legs felt so heavy, I couldn't move them. As if I was walking through sand, I tried to get outside through the window, I managed to escape, though I can feel his fingertips graze my shirt sleeve. I was now outside but not in my neighborhood, I was in front of an old factory/warehouse it was gutted and empty. I kept running though I was running so slow. And there he was right behind me. I felt I had been running for hours. I managed to find a latch door above me, I climbed through it, and watched the door slam back down. I waited for the man to come up through the latch door, but he didn't. I didn't understand why? I thought I had finally lost him, but when I turned around he was right behind me. Then I woke up.