Crazy therapy

Date: 4/16/2017

By bduke

I am in a therapy session and the therapist is replying to something. As in a movie, there is suddenly focus on her right eye where so.e sort of grub worm is crawling towards it. She still speaks as the scene changes to a snake crawling through grass. Scene change, another snake crawling up to a portrait. Scene change, the grub gets closer to her eye; grass and snake start to change color and shape, same with snake going towards portrait. Grub touches eye, grass snake is a tapeworm in an intestine,portrait snake is a planarian worm entering a flap of discolored flesh. Speech of therapist has changed to an explanation of planarian worms invading the mind and constructing a seamless artificial reality as man on couch shouts, shives therapist and runs from room. I wake up.