How was I still alive?

Date: 9/25/2019

By floralstarlight

When I woke up I was still in my Nana’s house of course and I walked out to the back with mom dad and Daniel (I don’t know how they appeared) this mail carrier woman(the woman from church I believe) I think she delivered mail to the back porch?? I found myself following her my family did the same I don’t know why but I just started following her. When we got past Nana’s gate I found myself on a street I did not recognize. There were some houses a western tavern( :/ ) and of course a railroad track in the neighborhood. As we continue to follow we came across some drunken guys, three at the most. We just walked past them and when I blinked I found myself in the truck. I don’t know how but mom and Daniel had room to sit in the backseat and we were in the work truck. Needless to say we turned around and drove toward the railroad and the train came into view. Now how we got to the other side I don’t know, but it seemed like we teleported. Now here’s the scary part, dad drove slowly by the tavern because we were looking for the mail carrier but we couldn’t find her. A group of people were outside the tavern calling 911, I overheard that the three drunken guys pushed the mail carrier under a moving train after she came out of the tavern with a beer. This is were the story gets even crazier. Dad immediately backed the truck ALL the way to the railroad track and as I observed the train IMMEDIATELY STOPPED like it was a regular car (you know how trains take a while to stop) No it stopped just like a car. Its shaped like a haunda it even has brake lights! Ok back to the crazy part. Dad realized that he was dangerously close to the track and put the truck in gear to park it. Well he hit the gas while looking back and I realized that we were heading to an 8 probably 18” deep ditch. I yelled “Watch were your driving!” When he was close to the track I took off my seatbelt just to get out but he put the truck in gear and lurched forward . By the time I warned him it was too late, we flew off the edge and the oak tree broke most of our fall to the ditch. After we landed I was in the driver seat and dad was on the passenger side. How mom and Daniel survived in the back seat without a scratch I don’t freakin know, but my side was hurting like I broke a rib or something. The pain felt real, so real I thought for a moment if this really happened. Dad didn’t look injured in fact the whole damn truck didn’t look every bit damaged. But crazy enough the interior of the truck is damaged. I opened the truck door while still in pain and I found myself in a lobby. I know what a police lobby looked like because I been there before, but the police lobby was now a hospital lobby. The stupid part (I hope dad doesn’t read this part) is that I was still hurting in my side like how was I still alive with a broken rib and no medical help??!!!! When I looked dad had an arm and neck brace. Then my phone vibrated. Ok this is the stupid part, I looked at my phone and I guess one of dads coworkers thought I was another coworker sent me a text, and here is what I believe it said. “Tell Michael to come in tomorrow to direct traffic” And it was from Winchester. My dad had a broken arm and they want me to tell him to come in. :/ Welp I didn’t show my dad the text message because I just put my phone back in my pocket wishing it was broken in the wreck. But the main thing is that my side was still hurting really bad and I did not have medical help. When I woke up I felt pain in my side and I was like: “Did it really happened???” The pain ebbed away and for the rest of that day I was dazed like “what just happened?” I still remember that dream/nightmare to this day that I decided to write it down. It was definitely a horrible experience I had and I hope this never happens.