The Apocalypse

Date: 6/21/2017

By wanda1316

Some apocalypse was happening. I'd never been around so many people at once. Two different "families" were at war against each other. I was on one side my my parents, ex boyfriend, best friend, and a few other people I knew. On the other side were my grandparents. I need to walk to the other side to talk to my grandparents about something important. My ex boyfriend wanted to go with me. It was a long journey, and on the way I saw my grandparents walking to the other side. They must have also been looking for me and my family. I saw my parents, too. I stopped because my dad was talking to two young boys. The boys gave me a look and asked a question about who my father was. I told them it was the man they were just talking to, and they weren't expecting this. They were embarrassed because they were giving me an inappropriate look. This dream included supernatural beings and witchcraft. In the middle of these two "families" was a territory that you would not want to enter. There were dragons, zombies, etc. The end of the dream had some showdown with these beings.