Star Wars Dream

Date: 1/28/2017

By firekun

So the dream started around the end of EPISODE 7 of Star Wars. It's weird. I was Princess Leia, mourning the death of my husband. Suddenly, Kylo Ren appears, along with Rey, whom he's captured. I'm suddenly alone on the entire rebel base, everyone's disappeared. Kylo grabs me, looking me deep in the eyes. He tells me he's going to kill me too, execute me in fact along with Rey. I tell him "I have nothing left to live for, you're welcome to kill me." He stops a second, glaring, and pushes me to my knees. I suddenly find myself sobbing, tears running down my eyes. "Ben, this can all end now. You can drop the saber, and come home and we can pretend none of this ever happened." But again he just glares at me, turning his saber on. So I do nothing. As he's about to swing down on me, I move and kick him (accidentally kicking the person in bed with me as well whoops). He says nothing but looks hella angry. Rey pulls Luke's lightsaber from nowhere and goes to fight Kylo. I then woke up.