Asylum break, College sex

Date: 8/14/2019

By jikook69

I was in a facility, what looked like an asylum, with state of the art security. I roamed the empty hallways, with the flourescent lights above flickering making the walk that much more eerie. I was trying to find a way out, but my thoughts were interrupted by the hall lights turning bright red, and emitting what felt like a vibration across the floor. I started running, feeling scared and started panicking when I heart the pattering of steps behind me. I opened the closest door hoping to find something useful, but instead I just saw what looked like more patients. But it was a co-ed sleeping room, the girls and boys were all sleeping harmoniously on bunk beds. A guy with Auburn hair woke up, rubbed his eyes and looked over at me. He got up and was about to start walking towards me.I heard the steps stop momentarily in front of the door, as if someone was contemplating entering. I tackled him down as quietly as I could landing softly on top of him on his bed, we got under the covers. Under me I felt his hands moving from my lower back to gently tracing the curve of my butt, as he whispered sensually, "Oh well don't mind if you do." His cocky smile told me he was ready to go all the way, making it's abundantly clear when his cock rubbed against my thigh. Outside I hear the doorknob jiggle, just as the guy under me was about to speak. So I put my lips on his just as the door creaked open revealing what looked like a nurse, peer inside. His hands moved lower until his finger was playing with me above my underwear making me feel turned on, slowly becoming wet. The nurse looked around for a bit trying to find anything out of place, but I bit my own lip to silence the moan threatening to erupt from my throat, I looked down to see a confident look on his face. The nurse sighed and closed the door as she left and I let out a loud gasp before getting off of him. Tears of pleasure wallowed up in my eyes, as I looked down at him. "You don't want to come with me? Escape from this place?" He looked at me confused, swiftly licking his fingers, which made my face flush. "What are you talking about, this place is amazing, I get to have sex whenever I want, without worrying about anything else. " I was shocked, they had brainwashed him, so that all he could think about was pleasure. I turned and was about to leave before I looked back at him once more, his green eyes gleamed in the dim light, his bare torso glistened with a bit of sweat from the heat shared between us, just a few seconds before. It had felt intimate, but to him it was just sex. I ran out, checking for any personel patrolling the halls. My back was against the wall and I turned the corner but ran right into a guy who looked like a security guard. I dropped kicked him swiftly before making my way past, I didn't stop but I somehow got cornered by nurses, doctors, and guards. Behind me was a hole of what looked like a garbage chute, I saluted them as I fell back first into the small hole. It was a short drop and I made it to the first floor, and simply walked out the front door, where the receptionist looked at me and called more people. But I ran out and kept running, until the scenery changed and I was at what looked like a college campus. (I became aware I was dreaming) I started taking off my clothes, seeing as the smelled horrible, and started washing off in a big beautiful fountain under a big staircase. It was fairly hidden so no one really noticed, until a pretty attractive guy came over and asked me what I was doing so I pulled him in and started taking off his jeans. He looked at me amused, but didn't fight it, as I started jerking him off and sucking on the tip. He was trying hard to not groan but eventually he let it out and came on my chest. I sat him down on the rail surrounding the fountain and slowly sat on his cock. Just as I was going to start moving I woke up.