Boating, Singing a Song w/ English Teacher

Date: 8/9/2017

By kkthedreamer

So in my first dream, we were on this bike trail that led us to this boat launch on a strange lake. IRL, my dad had promised me that we would go boating before school started so I could water ski. In my dream he wasn't going to break that promise. So we all got on our speed boat and went out on the water. It was very cold and misty. My mom fell in the water and then came out with a tube. None of us wanted to go tubing, and now I didn't feel like waterskiing either. In my second dream, which felt like it happened right before I woke up, I was on a lake again. But it wasn't the same lake as before. Me, Mikayla from camp, Jillian, and a few other girls I didn't know were all sitting on a metal dock similar to the one at TL. My English teacher was standing on the dock with a guitar or ukulele of some sort. He went to the end of the dock and we made a line behind him. He told us that his floral swimsuit was designer. I said, "Mine is from Target." Then he started singing a Christian song about Jesus. There was this whole ritual then and he would fall into the water gracefully and we would do the same. I tripped and fell in by accident. I had to stifle my laughter and everyone else was like SHHHH all serious. It was a weird dream.