Afternoon Nap Wet Dream

Date: 8/11/2017

By chillmichelle

I was visiting some kind of old mansion property that gave tours. During the tour I got pretty turned on, so me and this guy (kind of Cory-ish) snuck into a room that was closed off from the tour. Guy was sitting on one side of the room. I was sitting on the floor with no underwear on, and I pulled up my skirt. I spread my legs and showed him my V. With both hands, I spread my pussy lips open and moaned, telling him he could take me if he wanted. I was practically begging him to play with my pussy, and I started rubbing my clit, moaning more. I was desperate. He finally came towards me and carefully began fingering me. I begged him to go harder and harder. He was basically finger banging me at that point but asked me to be quiet so we don't get caught. I tried but I couldn't hold it in. He got down on the floor and grabbed my ass and pulled me over him so I was sitting on his face, and he started eating my pussy like no one else had ever done before. I was trying to find something to hold on to for support because it felt so good I could barely hold myself up. It was so intense I was begging out loud for a climax and I just wanted to cum all over his face. I looked down and could see his tongue shoving in and out of my pussy. He squeezed my ass and spread my cheeks open as he licked deep in my pussy and sucked my clit. I was on the edge of orgasming in real life when I woke up. I decided I had to finish the job. What a nap.