Meet Up Gone Wrong

Date: 6/11/2017

By Elina15

I am sitting in the passenger side of a large silver SUV driving with a friend. I'm not sure who exactly it is but the friend is female and femme and I can tell by the way the dream feels. As she pulls into the parking lot which is similar the the Mann parking lot and almost identical, I can see her mixing makeup. I can see her mixing a red or brown color with a lighter pinkish tan color to get a lighter makeup color for the night which doesn't make any sense to me but I roll with it. She tells me something of the effect that she is meeting a guy here or that he wants to meet her here and I automatically don't like it because it's dark and late. I tell her to lock her doors. I lock mines and reach over and lock hers and reach back and lock the back left passenger side as well. Next thing I know there is a guy serenading her outside the car and I tell her to crack her window only a little bit. I'm not vibing. Someone we are now outside of the car and the man is now coming towards us aggressively. He has a large stick or branch that he tries to swipe after me. At first, I fear for my friend but then realize the man does not like me. He attempts to use the branch and back me up against a wall but as my back hits the wall the stick breaks. I then start punching him to get him away and off. He then backs away and turns to head to his car and we head to the SUV. I am getting into the back left passenger side and I see him through the back tinted glass still eyeing me and I see him turn. I play it cool and let him sneak up on me but then I turn and start punching him when he gets close. Quickly, I jump in the car. I lock my side before he can reach it and I reach over and lock the right passenger before he can reach it. I sense a feeling of being calm, not angry or irate, more like alert and concerned for my safety and the friends safety. She starts to drive off and I wake up.