Sexual Therian

Date: 4/23/2017

By ThatTherianKid

This dream was through the eyes of one of my male friends, Zach, but he had a vagina. I was running in a best crawl position, but faster. My collar was clinking, the three large feathers that were attached were swaying side to side. I stopped at the top of a hill. I was sitting with a few friends, and we were hanging out. They told me of a person who could very stealthily steal an item and just as easily return it. Time skipped a bit, and I was masturbating. The man stole my collar, but I didn't care. My fingers were red as I realised I was on my period. Eventually, I stopped, bear crawling to the top of a hill. A teacher, who was also naked, followed me. She told me to not masturbate on school grounds, and if I did, at least be more hidden. I agreed and went on my way. Time skipped again, and I was sprinting down a road. The same man joined my side, slipping my collar around my neck, pulling it tight. Loud whimpers escaped me as he left my side. I jumped in the back of one of my friend's vans. They​ kept asking what was wrong, though I couldn't speak. I just kept whimpering. They drove me home. After that, all that really happened was I was lectured about sexual safety.