Date: 2/5/2017

By bluetee

I dreamt I had enough of money to bring janelle out here for a week. I lived in San Jose but it wasn't like it really is. I lived in this weird apartment building that's in a lot of my dreams. we went down by the river which had a boardwalk and was filled with crocodiles. polar bears roamed the land. we had some kind of boats. I was then under the water and saw this crocodile who was vertical under this large woman who was sitting on the boardwalk. I tried to warn her about it but she got ugly towards me and wouldn't believe me. the crocodile laughed. janelle and I left and got on the bus to go back to my place but we got on the wrong one. we had to transfer to another bus. it took all day to get back. we went to the bar on the first floor. she met this guy who was an ass hole who ended up being my roommate. I had to go to work, but it was also school so I couldn't just skip it. when I got back she was gone. I called her and she freaked out on me saying how horrible I was cuz I fucked up the buses and how she just wasn't a city kid. I could hear my roomate in the back. he was being really nasty to her. I asked how she could be with him. she said she never wanted to see me again. some how after this I had her phone and was trying to take it apart to find her location. I knew she was in trouble. then I started wondering if I had been using condoms or was i pregnant. I went back to the path where the river was. two kids ran by and I thought see the river is worth the trouble