Episode 70 - An Epic Dream

Date: 7/23/2017

By Marvin10

Scene one - I remember looking at a CCTV and I dont think there was really anything showing on it but for some reason I am suspicious. I think that I went into the room that was showing on the CCTV and Ashley is standing there with a rope in his hand and there is another male in the room. For some reason I know that Ashley has kidnapped or at least held this person and robbed them. I let him know he is in big trouble and he won't get away with it. However I feel that I can't go for help or he will escape. Anyhow next thing I know he is running from the scene outside. I start to give chase and he doesn't know it's me because I don't have my glasses on (lol). He also uses a skateboard at one point. I remember seeing him with a group of guys and he throws the skateboard. There is also a couple of ladies I am talking to. One says how could he have turned into a bad person after his upbringing. It has something to do with where he lived. I can remember a village on water. It was awesome with boardwalks and lots of trees and plants. Next scene I remember being at a big train station or a shopping mall that has a station attached to it. I have been around the mall and now I am looking for the station to catch the train but I can't find it. I remember asking a guy who had a South African accent. So now I have the feeling I am either in Africa or Asia as there seems to be lots of Asians around. I seem to recall that the guy was kind of rude to me making me feel like an idiot for not finding the steps leading down to the station. He takes me there and I remember looking down through a huge glass window to the train and tracks below. So now I am not that fussed about catching the train as I know my way there. I remember that an Asian woman was following me around and that she had $30 Australian dollars in her hand. I think she wanted me to take the money for some reason. So now I think the scene changes again, and I am unsure of the order of these events. I still feel like I am in the same place or somewhere similar. Don't quite recall what I was doing but I remember turning around and as I turned my hand swung out and accidentally brushed against the crutch of Eman. (She was our tour guide on our trip to Egypt last year). So now she turns and starts heading back towards me. She starts to speak softly in my ear and says something like she has free time between 6.00 am and midnight. So now I'm not sure if she is hitting on me or if she wants Debbie and I to go out with her. Next scene - I still feel like I could be in the same place. There are lots of people around and I come across this Asian woman who seems young and fairly small. She has a Samurai sword sheath tied around her waist, and she grabs the handle of the sword and begins the pull it out. But it is only as long as a knife. She pokes me with it and says something like "I could make you give me your house with this". I think she then smiled as if being funny. I didn't seem too concerned. I think I found it kind of funny. I turn around and there is a dog with money in its mouth that is seems to have taken from one of the shop owners. I have a strange feeling that it was the same money that the ladies was trying to give me earlier. The store holder gets the money off the dog.