Breaking into people’s houses, got caught

Date: 4/2/2019

By levinelover

Matt and I broke into a neighbour of Angelee’s house. I stole a few littlest pet shops from them. One of them looked like a tadpole sperm with those big littlest pet shop eyes. I was kinda loud with the way I walked so I was sure I woke them up and ran out of their house. To my surprise nobody followed me, maybe we didn’t wake them up after all. Then Matt wanted to break into Angelee and Dalways place too. I thought it was a terrible idea but we did it anyways. He went through the back, I went through the front. I was really scared the whole time that I was stomping too loud trying so be fast and would wake someone up. I ran into the kitchen and took a handful of Nutella with my bare hand, and some crackers to dip it in. I’m sure Matt only wanted to break in to get food. I ran out the front loudly but quickly without closing the door after me cause I assumed Matt would follow. At first he didn’t and I thought maybe he’s going through he back and I need to run back to the front door and close it. But then Matt came out the front and shut the door. We started to run, and Dalway came out of the house quickly. We ran but we both ran slowly and I knew Dalway would catch up to us in a literal second. He actually chased us a bit. I knew even from the back he knew it was me cause of my short bob haircut in the back. Matt ran a little ahead of me but before we got too far I stopped and told Matt you know what I’m gonna walk back and just apologize. I went back to Dalway and said “sorry for running away, I just went in to get some food” showing him my Nutella covered hand. He said he was just about to start bolting after us. I also showed him my tadpole sperm littlest pet shop. I was surprised the neighbours never woke up. Dalway told me to come back inside with him. I saidum no I’m sleeping over at my family friends tonight I’m spending the night with him”. Dalway said “you just tried to break into my house” I knew he could call the police on me so I knew I had to follow him. I went back to Matt and gave him a cuddly face shoulder hug and said byee good night. Dalway stared me down as I hugged him. After going inside I went to my room with Dalway and by the door he started to lecture me. He said if he had 10 minutes of free time he wouldn’t waste it like me. He said I should play a game called “empire” which was empires and puzzles a game I used to play. He said to spend my time playing “empire” and going out to find a boyfriend. I told him first of all I need to use tinder to find a boyfriend, and second of all “we’re different people Dalway”. He looked surprised when I said that. I also brushed my teeth.