Batman the Musical 💪

Date: 6/13/2017

By brookethegreat

I was watching Ella Enchanted. I HATE that movie for making a mockery of one of my favorite books, but I decided to give it a second chance. I pretended it had nothing to do with the book (which was not difficult to do, because this entire movie was pulled straight out of the Crazytown municipal dump 😡). I was trying really hard to like it. But then it turned into claymation and I was distracted by how aggressively bad the claymation was. The movement was jerky and unnatural, the character design was dumb and sexist, everything was so unoriginal. It looked like a student film. There was a scene in a dungeon where Ella was about to fight a guy. They just stood there in fight stances and bounced like video game characters for an awkwardly long time. Then they were finally interrupted by the Big Bad failing at a dramatic entrance. He just could not figure out this entrance. They redid it several times, but every time he appeared he struck some awkward pose that ruined the intimidation factor. Even his goons were starting to get annoyed. Then it was a play I was in with some old high school classmates. The director got out the megaphone and gave some direction to Big Bad. "Maybe don't worry so much about the pose and making your muscles look good, and just act." I was like "Ha! Yes! Rekt!" and could not stop laughing. Apparently I really didn't like this dude. My friend Savannah was almost as entertained as I was. We laughed about guys and their muscles and how shallow they can be. Then it was Batman the Musical! My biggest high school crush was playing... The Joker? But crossed with the Scarecrow? The writing here was questionable. Anyway, the costume involved a burlap sack over his face and no shirt. He was working very hard at getting into character. He didn't even need to be at this rehearsal, he was just being so extra that he came to all of them. He had locked himself in a closet for a while in an attempt to go crazy. Savannah and I were originally watching him to make fun of him because he was the perfect example of a guy putting too much effort into his body (which I don't think was true irl anyway), but we ended up impressed by his work ethic. Whatever his motives, he was putting so much time into this crappy musical and he was probably going to be the best thing about it. Props to him!