Helping native americans?

Date: 7/26/2019

By BlackyyIzatu

The dream started with me making my way over to the Americas in a submarine. My plan was to colonize it, since I was trying to escape Nazi Germany. When I arrived, I realized that the native people were already enslaved by the Nazis, and forced them into labor. I jumped out of the water with my submarine that transformed into a tank that I used for ramming into German infantry, while drifting and trying not to kill any natives. About halfway through, the natives realized what is going on, and started a violent rebellion, and helped me kill the remaining Nazis. After we finished, the rest of the civilians came out of a shipping container, and thanked me for everything. I told them that I will help them by going to a nearby muslim city and hiring a smith that would make them better weapons. The dream ended when I came back with the blacksmith.