Tank Maze, Silly Fetish Show

Date: 6/17/2017

By seascarlet

1: I was with a bunch of people including Jeff, and we were navigating a dangerous maze of magical importance. We had to swim up inside these massive metal tanks from the bottom, and gather items before making it to the top without drowning. Once we reached the top, we'd have a few moments to breathe, and then be teleported into another tank to swim from the bottom up again. The tanks all looked the same, metal squares the size of a house, and they all sat together like a wide skyscraper. The point was to be the first to make it to the very top. Where you got teleported depended on the items you found underwater. Jeff was with me. I was hoping he and I could work as a team and watch out for each other, but he seemed to be not in that mindset and taking an every-man-for-himself approach to it. I lost him after a bit because we teleported to different places. I was picking up all sorts of items in there that seemed significant; small earrings, rocks, hairpins, etc., and stuffing them in my pockets. Jeff managed to spot however, a tiny translucent jelly-like organism floating at the bottom. It was lavender and about the size of a grain of rice. When he captured it, it glowed. Even though Jeff was gone now I knew it was special, and I was able to find one each time myself, even though they were very scarce. It turned out to be the key to getting to the top. 2: I was cutting holes in costumes for a man with some sort of Satanic sounding name like Zerxes or Diablo. The costumes looked like different types of soldier uniforms. A British one, a Nazi one, etc. and a couple that just looked fetishistic and spandex. I cut three or four holes into the costumes in the shapes of different fruits. Then I was performing outdoors against the wall of a building with an attractive older man and a woman. The man was wearing those costumes and the other woman and I were pouring fruity syrup on his skin in the holes and licking it out. The syrup was the color of the fruit it represented and the holes were the shape of the fruit. I poured some blue blueberry syrup into a blueberry shaped hole on his chest and then licked it off again while the other woman did the same with strawberry or something. Just as I started licking his dick through a grape or kiwi or banana hole (I don't remember), Jeff showed up. I decided though that the show must go on and I'd just have to deal with his reaction afterwards.