My ex

Date: 6/12/2017

By Maria_v

I was walking down the avenue with my mom and were looking into apartments somehow fast forward a bit we see a building and we're led inside by the cutest dog who happens to be disabled, I remember it to be missing a leg. But okay no idea where my mom goes but I follow the dog up to the roof where I'm playing we it a bit and then he goes down the steps and I follow then he dashes into an apartment and that's the last I see the puppy. Then I hear someone coming but for some reason I fee like I'm trespassing so I try to hide and I peek a bit off to the side and it's HIM. So I debate on whetherto show myself or not and so I do, he sees me and all that but I run out the front door but not before he tries to pull me back but I keep it moving. I run out and somehow my best friend is crossing the street and then I explain it all to her meanwhile still debating on going back or not and not a second later my phone is ringing and it's him asking me to go back. And I take that as a sign my decision is made and I go back, all the while I'm there he has a friend over but after that the dream slips my mind .