Date: 5/18/2017

By Carolina

i remember bits here and there. a large portion of the dream took place in a therapy office. first i was eating in a "booth" in the waiting room and someone said i couldn't eat there. cookie lyon winked at me so i decided it was fine. later the waiting room got very crowded and people were confused. i picked up our therapists notebook and started calling out names and lining people up. the therapist came out and i sheepishly put down the notebook. later i was with m and there was a huge fire in a building near by. soon it exploded massively with an effect of having each building explode like a domino effect. the world was chaotic and i hid in an apartment building. i looked down on the street seeing m singing in another language that i understood how he slept with this girl (me) but was really in love with the other and would go to try to find her. i was so angry and disappointed. he came back into the house and everyone stared him down for being a jerk. i talked to a big group of girls saying he was fucked up and nasty making them laugh. i thought about taking the train out of the city but worried about what would happen if i did. what if that trains stop running and i need to get back and can't?