Would you like a clock with an alarm for 8:35 a bell clock alarm for 8:35 or a clock with no alarm?

Date: 5/7/2017

By weaselpuppy

We where at on FST and the 7th and 6th graders where at the jail and we all had to go to the bathroom so we used the jails bathroom eventhough prisoners still used it. After we went to the bathroom we went to a padio with benches and trees all around and met with the 8th grade and we ate lunch or something but then we all had to go to the bathroom again even the 8th grade so we all went. I remember that this was the 8th grade class when I was in 6th grade and the 6th grade class that is at school now. After we went to the bathroom we came back up to the padio and talked then went to the bathroom again but this time all but 2 stalls where out of order so it took forever. then I went to go check into the hotel. I was staying at a historic hotel like the W.A Clark hotel in Butte, I think it was that hotel but different. So I go to check in and there is an old cupel who have me fill out lots of different forms and sign a guest book, I signed as "chocolate " eventhough i knew that it was lucas' secret code name. the 1st form i filled out asked if i took any medications and said ibuprofen when I had headaches and they asked what I took it with and I said water. Then this lady came in and ate a cupcake and the woman who was adending the counter said that the lady was noughty because she ate the cupcake without her pills. Then the woman who was helping me asked me if I knew that if I took pills in food it tasted better. Then I said that if I took the ibuprofen with food I could taste the coconut and she agreed with me about it. She wanted to find a way find a way to eat the pills so she suggested that I put them in a lollipop and I insisted that I was fine. The forms I had to fill out had lots of stupid questions and the cupel had lots of questions too like why aren't you with your parents and they explained how everything worked. you came down to breakfast and someone would serve you but you could only be out of your room after 8:35 because a staff member would check to see if anyone was awake and if you weren't then you wouldn't get breakfast. on the 2nd form I had to fill out I had have my hight so the room was tall enough, my preference of alarm clock(see title) and if I wanted 1 or 2 beds and lots of other questions I had to fill out that I don't remember. while I was filling out the form Lucas came in and the cupel showed him the guest book and I was afraid that he would see I signed in with his name, I think he didn't see. then he filled out forms for his room. our forms where almost exactly the same. When the old lady came back she said that they only had 1 room that fit our requests and she asked if Lucas and I would be fine sharing a room. I was about to answer but then I woke up. I think I was going to say it was OK.