Multiple dreams

Date: 6/18/2019

By BooBooJrfangirl

Okay last night my dream cycled through multiple different scenes. I’m gonna describe them to you now. 1. I am a super hero. My outfit has a LOT of sequins. Never once in my dream do I ever do actual superhero fighting however I do have some drama with another superhero. He was about my age and had this Robin™️ thing going on. At some point he learned my identity and exposed me to a mutual friend. I was upset. 2. Google updates it’s network with new software that turns your photos into clown images. I browse the site for quite some time. 3. I’m wandering the town with a friend but I don’t know who it is. We download an app that can tell you the exact value of anything you photograph and we go around taking pictures of stuff. Then we run into a friend of theirs at her place of work. We try to get her to leave early but she can’t. For some reason she physically can’t leave. I offer her lipstick.