Save her

Date: 3/26/2017

By pansexualpirate

in this dream I was yet again with max (my cousin's girlfriend who I have been crushing on since before they started dating) and we were at this house we woke up hiding in the basement on the stairs there was a bunch of plastic so going up the stairs would be really loud if you made any wrong moves there was also plastic in front of an area where a door would have been. me and max were taking in our surroundings when we saw a girl under the stairs she walked towards us and she looked terrified, she was about to say something when we heard a noise come from upstairs and she ran back to hiding after driving a note that said we have to leave. A shadowed figure started walking down into the basement after he was down stairs max suddenly appeared upstairs. The man started yelling at the girl about finding a person to use as a sex toy basically so I tried to escape the basement I started to run up the stairs skipping steps along the way then when I was almost to the top the guy shadow thing grabbed my foot making me fall forward. Max pulled me through the basement door even though I don't know how she got to rhe top and locked it so the guy couldn't get out and I told her about the girl being yelled at and threatened and that we had to save her. Then I woke up and my heart was racing and I was having a panic attack so I had to calm myself back down constantly reminding myself that it was just a dream