The jangly monster man

Date: 7/25/2019

By aflores._.03

I'm on the stairs struggling to get to the top with these two other men. One of the guys looked disfigured with a weird hard rocky head. The other was like a old man. There was like this monster kinda like a dinosaur or something with big teeth chomping at us. I'm jus climbing up the stairs and it bites me and tugs me while I hold on for dear life. The other men are by me then the monster has a grip on the old man and I. I'm still struggling to not fall down the stairs because with the monster. I feel like if I do it's game over. The disfigured man is jus above me on the left of the stairs. The old looking man is jus moaning and screaming in pain. I jus think to my self I can't die I'm to young to die in pain like this and to not give up so I kinda of grab the old looking man and like push him down the stairs as were both struggling to stay in place and not fall down. I hit the old man and push him down then I woke up. I woke up feeling realived that I had not died and scared.