The entire school talking about me

Date: 4/4/2017

By emjaynehill

I was back in school, and I was telling my friend about an experience that happened to me (IRL), when my friend (Brooke) said, "Give it a rest, you weren't raped." After years of not knowing if I was raped or not, I got extremely angry and I hit her. I ran away, hearing her laughing from behind me, shouting that I'm a liar. I ran all around the building and somehow Brooke had told everyone already. The entire class I walked into was debating whether or not my situation was rape, and started asking me questions like, "Did you say no?" and, "Did you agree to have sex?". I didn't answer, I just ran out crying. Not a single person in the entire school believed that I was raped. When I got to one hallway, I stood up in front of everyone, broke down, and ranted: "None of you were there," I said, "None of you felt how I felt or experienced what I experienced. I didn't give him consent, I didn't even tell him I wanted to. We agreed not to and then he welcomed himself to it. Fuck what the law says, in my eyes it was rape." I'd never actually called it rape before, I was terrified. Then people started responding: "If you didn't want sex, why were you naked?" "Couldn't you have done much more to get him off you?" "You never said you didn't want it though, did you?" And that's all I remember. I woke up.