Losing my virginity then my friend

Date: 8/26/2017

By HarleyQuinn

I don't remember exactly how is started, but somehow i ended up in bed with a random guy who had a strong resemblance to Jeff Spicoli from Fast Times at Ridgemont High. He wanted to have sex with me since it would be my first time but I refused to do so because he didn't have a condom. He kept insisting that he'll just pull out, but i told him no. He got out of bed and grabbed a condom and put it on. I got on top of him and well, there went my virginity!! it then jumped to me and my friend in a car, and i was driving us to a grocery store. i got out of the car for something and once i came back to the car i saw that it was gone along with my friend. i started panicking not knowing what to do, until i saw the car and ran up to it. My friend seemed fine, but based on how red her eyes were she was crying a lot. the guy that took the car had a knife and told me to remain calm and he'd release my friend. I did stay calm and while i was listening to what he had to say, my friend grabbed the knife, got out of the car and we both were preventing him from leaving. we were yelling at other people in the parking lot to call the police and eventually the guy got away but the police were searching for him. My cousin came out of the grocery store and asked what happened and when i told him, he'd reassure that they'd find the guy and told me to sit and calm down.