New Visitor

Date: 7/27/2017

By Stitches

I was sitting in what seemed to be a hotel bedroom, pristine and mostly white and cream colored, but still cluttered and messy like my own bedroom. I was on a large soft bed with lace embroidered top sheets, probably drawing as I usually do, when suddenly my door opens. In walks a man in his early twenties probably, with a curly reddish brown beard and hair. And maybe blue eyes as well. He peeks his head in and asks if he could come in, and that he really needs to beat a few levels in some Mario Sonic game and I'm the only one here with the right console. I'm not entirely sure why, but I let him in and invite him to sit on the bed with me, saying "Sure, I don't mind." Now I'm at the foot of the bed leaning against the wall behind me while he sits more in the middle, leaning back as well. The game starts up and he starts playing, I start watching him play because suddenly I don't have my drawing supplies anymore. The game he's playing looks like a crossover with Sonic and Digimon, with robotic variants of the Sonic characters drawn in anime style. Me and the guy start casually chatting about the game and what we're doing here, and I start to get comfortable my taking off, I think, my shirt, which was very weird. Now I was just in a bra and underwear, or maybe shorts. We continued talking and it got slightly more personal, I don't remember what exactly we were talking about though. I make to get my pencils and stuff and started moving around on the floor to find them, eventually I found them all and was right in front of him on the floor. He mentions something possibly about how most people would be weirded out by him coming in, and I reply that I'm just a cool person. I get back on the bed and eventually he beat all the needed levels, and gets up to leave, now with a box of sorts or maybe a console under his arm. He says goodbye and so do I, saying that if he ever wants to hang out again I'm completely open to the idea. He thanks me and closes the door. The next part of the dream could have happened before, after, or somewhere in the middle or the first part. It switched to where I was following Vanoss the youtuber in what looked like Grand Theft Auto. He and his friends were playing some kind of hide and seek, and maybe die, where most of them had one or two stars and police and Wildcat, and friend of Vanoss, were chasing after them. Vanoss gets found one or twice and starts to panic humorously, jumping over fences and a small hill and eventually making it behind a building. His stars are gone now but there's still someone after him, Wildcat in a police officer uniform. Vanoss seems to suddenly be smaller and runs down what looks like a gutter at the bottom of the building, then gets into a pink and orange hamster ball thing. He runs down the drain pipe into the sewer that's textured like it's in a horror game. He keeps running away and Wildcat rages that he can't catch up.