Puppies and grenades

Date: 7/21/2017

By bluefeather

ok, so it started off with me walking up to my dad's house and when I walked through the door I was met by my step mother. she told me that the dog had puppies and asked me if I wanted to see them...Of course I wanted to see them... so i started to follow her to the shed. before i could even take three steps I looked over to my right and saw a puppy under the house. I quickly bent down to retrieve the puppy and saw that there were two of them one white and one brown. when I pulled the puppies out from under the house I quickly realized that there was something wrong with these puppies... they were missing patches of fur all over their bodies... this made me feel horrible and when I asked my step mom what happened she explained that she hasn't been able to get them out from under the house in days. so I took the pupies into a camper to keep them safe. I sat down next to my cousin and my step mom's brother Danny. My cousin asked what happened to the puppies and before I could explain I was cut off by Danny... He started to say that those were the puppies I was suppose to sell and I was a shitty person for leaving them there... this infuriated me and I went off on him. he got mad and slammed the door as he left cussing under his breath the whole time... after a minute I got up and went to see where he went. I walked around the back of the house and what I saw scared the shit out of me. I see Danny coming out of another camper with a huge gun... so I took off running in the opposite direction and all of a sudden i realize, oh shit i am pregnant so I run down the dirt road and I see my dad so I start running towards him yelling "Daddy! Daddy, he has a gun!" That's when I realize that It is my dad my step mom and her niece all standing in the middle of the road with guns and they are shooting at something... so I looked around my step mom to see what they are shooting at.when I look it's a 10ft tall deer. it stopped me for a second but I snapped out of it and continued to try to run to my dad... when I got to him though he pushed me in the opposite direction and yelled watch out and i saw a grenade fall at my feet so I ran to my step mom's niece and she did the same thing and as I am running grenades are going off behind me... I run behind the camper and jump out of the way just as a grenade explodes right beside me and when it does the light from the explosion lights up my belly and you can see the baby inside me. my dream kinda feeze framed and as im looking at what apears to be a full grown woman facing down in fetal position inside my belly all I hear is my step mom's voice saying "that's how you know it's God's child because you can see the shape of her in the womb."