Anxious Making Appetizer Plate for Strangers and Getting Stuck in Bathroom Stall with Random Guy

Date: 8/21/2019

By pinkstar16121

*Fair warning* I will be spamming the feed with the plethora of dreams that I have to share on here since I've been gone for four months. I had deleted the app and then couldn't get it back, but now I'm back! I remember we had these people over. I think it was a family. I remember a man and woman. We were making food I think, and I was worried about getting them something to eat right this second, so I was anxiously putting together a plate of crackers and cheese and hummus. I remember tasting the hummus and cheese without eating it, but I did eventually eat a cracker dipped in hummus. I was worried there wasn't enough food for them. I think the man said the food was good.  I then remember being in this bathroom stall with this random guy and I had my walker with me. It was a regular stall, not handicapped, and  we were stuck in there because of my walker; it was blocking us in, but I eventually got out and the guy followed.