Random Life

Date: 5/14/2017

By kaizerspirit

Was at a coffee shop with some guy after some kind of funeral then I meet this young girl who looks sad. Looks very chinese. We end up talking and I find out she goes to my secondary school and was born only after I left the place. We take a taxi home and the driver is the guy from "A Yellow Bird", she has a classmate with her at the back who gets off first? There's some debate on who should leave the cab first. Somewhere before she gets on the cab, she says she's half Korean. I tell the cab driver that I really enjoyed him in the movie. He shakes my hand. I drop her off near my house and try to find her again, but this time she looks different like Zooey deschanel. She asks if I want to eat mos burger. I ask what's her other have and she says Somalian and she teaches me how to say Somali words but they sound like Russian. There is some discussion about the d+r sound or b+r sound. Apparently I'm a natural at it. I say there's a Somalian Victoria's Secret model but she says no. I say there is but she's have from Cameroon. We hold hands and Angelina Jolie walks in front of us before we cross the road and says something. The girl says something about female intuition. There's a large shelter we enter under and there's a queue at the mcdonalds. The door cannot be open and I press the door opening thingy. Some argument with this guy trying to come out of the shop.