Dick, kidnapping, and one dead grandma

Date: 3/20/2017

By jade88

I had many dreams last night. 1- I wanted to try acrobats and the teacher suggested I just suck his d*ck instead. I said no and fell asleep and woke up to my friend sucking it. 2- my siblings and I were home alone (me (15), my brother (11), and my sister (7)) and we remembered these orange vitamins our grandma used to give us. We live across the street from my grandma so I told my sister she could just quick run across while I watched her. As she walked out the door, a teenag girl in a car stopped to talk to my sister. I told my sister to come inside and I locked the door. I looked at my phone to call the police and got a text from an unknown number. I don't remember what it said it I do know I was terrified. I sent my sister upstairs to her room while I kept trying to call the police but everytime I tried to type 911 it would type another random number. I started to wonder why the girl was taking so long and then I woke up. After waking up I thought about it and realized that the girl had probably crawled up to my sisters room and taken her. 3- this one I kind of forget. I remember o went to school and I forgot my lunch. First I texted my mom. After a few minutes of her not texting me I got impatient so I walked over to a giant (grocery store) and was going to just buy some bread and stuff the make a sandwich when all of a sudden there was an alarm about an abduction/murder and I was told to go upstairs. I quickly started walking into what became my high school and I went to homeroom. After the day I went home but my grandma told me to go to her house (remember I live across the street from her) so I walked over and slept over too. When I woke up I walked over to my house to get ready. I walked into my house and saw "my other grandma" laying on the floor naked with a towel over her. I ran home to tell my grandma who was sleeping again the I found "my other grandma" on the floor and that I didn't know what to do. She told me to call the police but in a few hours. I asked her why and she said while laughing "Because if you call now they're going to take me to jail now. Not yet!" I woke up after that and remembered, I don't have another grandma. She died years ago. So now I'm remembering that my mom never texted me back and I'm thinking, my grandma killed my mom. Does anyone know what these dreams mean? If so please tell me. Thank you and happy dreaming!