Killer & semi lucid dream?

Date: 3/11/2017

By mysticmusic94

So i was in a market with my mother father and brother and grandpa and for some reason there were cops all over the place. I was looking for a certain kind of Pringles chips then my family caught up to me. The cops then said "Everyone must leave within an hour there is someone bad here." So i told my family and we decided to leave right away. On our way to the car we saw a man stabbing and electrocuting this lady so we ran as fast as we could but he saw us. We jumped in the car and shut all the doors. We then realized that my brother had still been in the store. Then there was a knock on my door so my mom said let your brother in so i opened the door. The guy then jumped in the car and tried to stab me so i tried to push him back with my feet but i couldn't do it. Then the scene skipped driving home. We noticed that the killer broke one of our wind shields so we fixed it then we were off to go home again. Then all of a sudden i started to think "Im in a dream I'm lucid dreaming" and i made myself appear in the car. Then i was like I'm going to go to my boyfriends house. My parents asked me why and I decided not to answer then i got scared because of the bad dream i was having so i tried to make myself wake up but then i didn't want to because i thought i was lucid. Then the dream went blank for awhile. Like my vision was white and blurry. Then i was the mother and i was home with my husband and a baby. I went outside with him and the baby and i was going to cuddle with him but then i believe his mother came? And she took the baby for a little while and i got upset. Then i woke up. Was i lucid for a little while? Someone help!