Native American

Date: 1/23/2019

By yellowsocks

Dreamt that I was in a home surrounded by water and nothing else where the blue sky and clouds reflected across the water. There was a party and all my family members were inside dancing and laughing. Then a native American man came on a horse across the water. His hair was buzzed off and he had 3 black lines on his chin. He also was bare chested and had on what appear to be khaki colored pants. He got off and asked my family to help him find food my whole family said that they wouldn't help him. He asked me and I said that I would help him but there was only water around us. Then stones came out and I walked on them to find trees floating on the water we're I picked fruits and gave to him. He thanked me and asked if I would help his friend which I said I would. He came but he was a much older man with long hair and feathers in his hair as well he was wearing a headpiece. He asked for a mango from a tree in the middle of the water. I went and found him a ripe one and gave to him he thank me. They both proceed to give me bracelets with different color beads on them. Some that stood out from me was a red one and blue one. Since the red one would break and the older man would give me a black one in exchange for that one. From there he would say to me bear, bobcat,fish, eagle. As they were about to leave I said I wanted to leave with them and they both said no that they would come and visit me.