Dreaming a nightmare

Date: 7/3/2017

By wierdo

I was at a wedding irl a friend is getting married and two days after there was a dance and I didn't get picked so I danced with a group of girls but Joshua a friend irl asked my dad if I could dance with him so we did then I was ( I dream this part a lot) trapped in a car with an evil Xbox 360 and a little ghost girl I know in my nightmares to well came and told me I had to get married or someone I loved would die so time started over and I got put the car with the baby who I have nightmares with was to much do I yolk him out my phone alarm started going of and I had to find my phone the baby vanished and then was on his back on the road I lost my voice I got the baby talked to Joshua and was giving the baby a bath when I took him out there were knifes in the tub so he fell asleep with dad and vanished behind the door I got him and talked to his parents he was not home so I found my phone the baby vanished I found him and I turned off the alarm then I woke up was in bed and I turned off my alarm.