liquid survival game

Date: 8/14/2017

By headFeed

(a friend of mine has been playing firewatch recently, i never bothered to look up what the game is) I'm thinking about the game, and end up playing it. im inside the game and i have a bucket and somekind of bucket machine. theres a puddle of water thats bubbling. i grab some of it with the bucket machine and it extracts the water, and pours a shiny whiteish liquid out. im not sure what to do next. i walk back to this lab place in a cave to examine the liquid and finish the day up. its a survival game on a tiny island. reaserchers were examining the liquids on this island because something was up, but something happened with their communication to the world and now theyre stranded. so u gotta survive on what these liquids can make since the island is not very self sustaining.