the rice shooting killer whale

Date: 1/21/2017

By Tjika

when the dream started I had just come from some adventure with a group of friends. One of them had broken his leg and his friends had been kidnapped by pirates, which is why a part of the group, including me, would go look for his friends. I decided to fly to have a good view of the surroundings without anyone seeing me while my friends went overland. there was some sort of beach with a wooden cabin on it and a lake next to it. Everything was clear except for the lake. In the lake was a killer whale. I wanted to warn my friends for it, but that's when it started shooting riceballs at them, so they were already aware of it. At first it did not notice me, but after a while it did. My friends had almost reached the cabin when the killer whale saw me and shot his riceballs at me. I thought it was sort of annoying as it shot me out of the sky, but I landed on the cabin and I wasn't hurt so it was alright. We went into the cabin which belonged to the pirates. Luckily they were sleeping. I knew they would wake up soon though, so I left my friends behind and jumped over a sleeping pirate through a window. I crawled to the bedroom window my friends were standing in front of and saw what happened next. The pirates indeed woke up and caught my friends. Then they saw something move behind the window (which was me) and came to have a look. I was sure they were going to find me, but luckily a pirate woman was actually a spy who had infliltrated the pirate group and she made sure I wasn't discovered. Then I woke up.